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What's old is new again!

September 26, 2017

Last year, I offered several packages at meets with BIG discounts compared to my normal gallery pricing.  I and my system were totally overwhelmed by the response.  It took 3 months after the season to recover, and there were many times in the spring that I wondered if we would recover at all.  I couldn't go through that again.  So . . .   

This summer I rewrote our entire website!  All the new galleries will be shown on my website gallery system.  We will not be using the archaic platform that you and I suffered with for the last several years.  

I have tested many things during the compulsory qualifier meets this fall.  The biggest thing I have found is that the meet PreOrdering is now working like a champ.  I am bringing it back.  This weekend (at the 2017 Houston Judges Cup meet) I will re-introduce the PreOrdering system.  I will offer parents of all Judges Cup competitors three blowout deals DURING THE MEET.  The minute the last gymnast finishes her routine, the PreOrder sale will end.   Receive ALL of your gymnast's live action images as electronic image files in one of three sizes:  1.  Small images good for emailing to family/friends or social media ($25), 2.  Medium images which will print at up to 4x6 size ($35), or 3.  Large images which will make quality prints at up to 8x12 ($45).  You'll get around 25-45 images for that price.  I will not have the images organized and uploaded AT THE MEET, but I will have a slideshow playing on a monitor at my booth so you can see they actual images we are capturing for you.

These packages will offer the lowest price-point for all your images that I will offer at any time.  

You may be asking, "What is the catch?  Is this offer really that good?"  

First of all, the offer is THAT GOOD.  When the gallery opens if you order single image files, they are priced as follows:  Small files $15 each, Medium files $25 each, and Large files $35 each.  If you like only 2 of the images you receive, you are better off with one of the PreOrder Deals.

Secondly, there is NO CATCH, unless you think the time limit is a catch.  If you order AT THE MEET, I can process all the orders withing 10-14 days and be done with this meet.  I save a lot of money since I don't have people sitting around waiting for orders over the next 60 days.  I pass those savings on to you!  It also makes my life a lot simpler.  Some people may consider that ordering before seeing all the images is a CATCH.  I know the type of images we capture.  I hear the compliments of the people who buy from us.  I know that for the VAST MAJORITY of people, this is not a problem.  If, however, the gallery opens and you don't like your gymnast's images, it's okay.  Just shoot me an email, and I'll refund your money.  In fact, I'll email you BEFORE I send your images to make sure you are happy with the images.  If you are not happy, I will refund your money and I will not burden you with images that you don't like.  It is just that siimple!  I won't be happy until you are happy.

Check with us at each meet to see what event or events we are covering at that meet.

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