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Classic and Beautiful--The Scale

November 19, 2020

The beam and floor events at a girls' gymnastics meet contain a myriad of beautiful and photo-worthy moments.  One of the classic skills is the scale.  

I have heard people comment that the scale is not "really a skill".  I beg to differ with those opinions.  It is performed so often that we sometimes think that everyone can do it.   As I watch through the camera or review images after a meet, I see many attempts to complete a scale.  There are only a few that have the elegance, grace, and balance to make a scale memorable.  

This young lady pulled it off exquisitely.  She is competing as a Level 4 gymnast.  While a higher level competitor might do a "bigger" scale, even the older, more experienced gymnast probably can't top this one for grace and elegance.   When I saw the original image, I decided that it would be the subject of her Digital Painting.  I browsed the remaining images in her folder, and found what I expected . . . she had numerouse poses and skills that were worthy of becoming a Painted ArtPiece.  The clean background, though, allowed her lines to shine through.  There is no mistaking the subject of this painting or having to sort through background details before the viewer's eye settles on the subject.  Kudos to this young lady!  I am betting that there are many more awesome performances ahead of her in this sport.

As we get ready to cover our fourth meet of the year (Level 3 South State at Powersports Gymnastics in College Station), this is the third absolutely FREE Digital Painting on canvas that SPUSA has given away this season.  I will give away one 8x10 Digital Painting on Canvas at each meet until the end of the season.  I hope you enjoy seeing them.  I sure enjoy painting them!


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Dwane Edwards

March 26, 2023 2:46 PM
Good afternoon,

I am trying to figure out how to add pictures from the meet to my cart. I am unable to see the pictures. Please assist.

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