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Gymnastics Joy

September 24, 2020

Over ONE MILLION images---that's the number of gymnastics images which our photographers capture each year (in non-pandemic years) across the country!  With that many images  in my system, it is impossible to recall each and every gymnast from a year's meets.  A few times each year, though, we photograph a gymnast whose performance combines superior gymnastics and personal flamboyance in such a way that the routine is seared into my memory. 

Kamille is one of those gymnasts.  She brought a bigger-than-life personality to her floor routine that day.  When I sat down to paint recently, I thought of the first meet of 2020.  One routine from the Winter Blast Invitational at Infinite Bounds Gymnastics immediately came to mind.  I found Kamille's images from the meet, and I wasn't disappointed.  The images from her floor routine took me back to the meet.  Her energy and enthusiasm were evident even in the images.   I wanted to capture the exuberance she displayed that day in this "Oils-on-Canvas" style Digital Painting.  

Aaron was behind the camera on floor that Saturday night.  His positioning that day was perfect for covering Kamille's floor routine.  Among the 89 images of her,  the two I selected were perfect!  Her gaze was directly at the camera and the look on her face said, "I came to make an IMPACT".  

I think I had as much fun painting Kamille as she did performing that night.  There was a smile on my face every step of the way.  Let me tip my had to Kamille, her coaches, her choreographer, and her family for preparing this gymnast to obviously love what she does.  Good luck in the future, Kamille!


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Comments/Reviews/Testimonials (1)

Joyce - Kamille's mom

September 24, 2020 10:35 PM
What is fabulous about this painting is the way the painter highlights my daughter's smile.
She enjoys what she does, the audience gets into her routine and she earns their attention.
Hats off to the photographer! He photographed her well!
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