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New Digital Painting Style--Watercolor

September 16, 2020

The Watercolor style of Digital Painting mimics the look of achieved by a traditional artist using watercolors on a matte-finish watercolor paper.  When painting a digital watercolor portrait, I paint away or drastically minimize the original gym background so that the viewer can concentrate on the gymnast.

Watercolor portraits have a soft, dreamy look.  The colors are typically not as saturated as you see in other types of painting.  The colors fade into each other as they are absorbed into the artist's paper.  The paper fibers wick the color into areas adjacent to the actual brush strokes.  Watermarks are left as the painting dries after painting.  The digital version has much the same look as  one painted with a physical brush and wet paints on paper.

To order your own custom Digital Painting in the Watercolor style simply  click "Contact Us" on the home page.  Tell me that you want a Watercolor style digital painting.  Review the live-action meet photos you purchased from Sports Photos USA (or from your posed or posed-action gym portrait images we created at your gym), and select your favorite image.  I'll send you an invoice.  As soon as the invoice is paid, I'll begin your project. I will use your selected photo as my reference to digitally paint your watercolor.  If you have a high-quality image that you or another photographer took that you would like me to use as reference, let me know.  You can email me that image and I'll let you know if it is satisfactory for your Digital Watercolor.

Our typical digital painting times generally range from 3-5 days. After the portrait is completed, a preview is posted in the approvals section of my website for you to approve.  When I receive your approval, I submit the artwork to the lab for production. The specific turnaround time for your portrait project can vary based on your choice of painting style, how long it takes for approval of the final portrait, the printing substrate (canvas, metal, stone, watercolor paper, etc.), and final printed size.  Most orders are at your door within 10-14 days from your approval of the painting.


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