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GAT supports the Gulf Coast Gyms damaged by Hurricane Harvey

September 2, 2017

With the Gymnastics Association of Texas convention (GAT) coming so close on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, a lot of gyms from the Beaumont-Houston-Corpus corridor are not in attendance this year.   The stories of destruction, however, are being discussed all around the convention.  Thankfully, we have not heard of injury or loss of life among the gymnastics community, but the loss of your livelihood is also devastating.  When water levels reach the second floor of your gym, you aren't going to be back in business any time soon.  Not only does the owner lose a business (even if only temporarily), but coaches and other employees lose their income as well.  Of course, gymnasts lose training time.  For those gymnasts striving to earn a college scholarship, this could be a severe blow to those efforts.   

GAT is acting quickly to support gyms that have been adversely impacted, and has established a fund to assist these gyms, their owners and  employees.  USA Gymnastics is joining with GAT in the fundraising efforts.  I have attached a copy of the press release announcing the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. 

Please remember these people in your prayers and consider contributing to the relief efforts.  Here is the link to donate:  http://squareup.com/store/gymnastics-association-of-texas.  You can help with your donations, your prayers, and even your physical assistance when possible.  Perhaps, though, the most importsnt thing you can do is spread the word.  Please share this post and the one on my facebook page so that we can use social networking for its highest and best use.   Share the story with  your friends and family, and let's get the word out about helping our fellow members of the gymnastics community.  Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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